3 Ways to Get Quality Time With Your Spouse During Harvest

Wake up together. 

We wake up, make coffee, and pack lunches together almost every morning.  Josh doesn’t need my help making his lunch. I do it because this is the only guaranteed time I have with him every day.  Even if it’s only 10 minutes, it’s kid-free (most days) time to connect that helps start the day off right.

Time without the kids in the cab.  

90% of the combine/tractor rides involve the kids.  I know this is tough to accomplish at times, but some of the best time we have together during the busy seasons is without the kids in the cab.  Whether it be on a daycare day, or I get someone to watch the kids, having that uninterrupted time is when we have some of our best conversations.  It’s worth every penny spent to have someone watch the kids.

Taking off on Sunday mornings. 

Before you balk, hear me out… this is what works for US, and I know not everyone is up for this.  Sunday mornings are a non-negotiable for us and the rest of our family involved on the farm.  We don’t start the day until noon, and sometimes we take the entire day for our families.  A day of rest is necessary for everyone involved in our operation.  “Work on Sunday, fix on Monday.”