A Friendly Reminder

This is a friendly reminder for you on this #mentalhealthmonday:  There’s legit nothing in nature that blooms all year long.  So, you shouldn’t expect yourself to either. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a groove and I’m conquering all my goals, slaying whatever I put my mind to… and then there are times I put unreachable expectations on myself.  I make a list of to-do’s for the day miles long that I’ll never be able to finish, only to end up being disappointed I wasn’t able to get it all done.  It puts me in a sour mood.  But, instead of thinking about all the things that went wrong, try thinking about all the things that went right. 

This morning, I washed my hair.  I shaved my legs and didn’t cut myself, which is rare… and I’m 29.  I started cleaning and organizing my office which hasn’t happened in months. Oh, and my almost 2-year old is still alive.  

I had a lot more to do today.  A lot I didn’t finish.  I could’ve been working on all those things instead of writing this post.  But I feel like this is important.  Nobody is perfect.  Nobody keeps their crap together ALL the time.  When you feel like you’re slipping into a rut, recognize it… then, start finding the things that are going well in life.  When you focus on the good, the good gets better.