A World Divided

It’s late. I’m tired. But I have something to say.  This Covid stuff has been hard on everyone in different ways, but it’s starting to affect people mentally and how they interact in public with strangers.  People are acting out of fear. 

I feel like we’re living in a world divided.  At first, everyone was coming together and working to combat this thing, but that has changed over time. 

Literally the state line between Wisconsin and Illinois… different worlds. 

Yesterday, I was in an Illinois Walmart getting hollered at by people I don’t know.  We are still on lockdown.  Masks are a requirement. 

In Wisconsin today, I went into my favorite holler @kwiktrip and was pleased to see a smiling face behind the checkout counter.  HER FACE! I SAW HER FACE!  Wisconsin opened back up today.  People were actually friendly.  It felt so warm and inviting.  I didn’t want to leave. Of course, they were still taking precautions with social distancing, etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… acting out of fear and being unkind will get us nowhere.  As farmers, if we were to act out of our fears, we probably wouldn’t be planting our crops right now… but look at us.  Out here keeping the faith and planting for the future.  We’re sticking together in community to feed and provide for the world.  

Thank you to everyone here, farmers and non-farmers alike.  For being a community that I can count on to stand strong, stick together, and give me hope that one day our country will come together again.