Backstage Crew

We’re the backstage crew.  Not as exciting as the main event (harvest) but the show wouldn’t go on without us. 

Our husbands are working long hours from sunup to well past sundown.     The relief we used to get around the 5-6 o’clock hour when dad would get home isn’t there anymore and it can be stressful.  All of the little things get magnified.  

The older kids miss daddy.  They ask about him at bedtime…  If we didn’t bring them out to ride in the tractors, they’d go several days without seeing him. 

Here’s a reminder for you all out there, even if you don’t think you need it… God sees everything you’re doing.  You might not be on the front lines of harvest or everyday life, but you’re behind the scenes making everything go… and that doesn’t go unnoticed by Him. 

It helps to have good friends to talk with and remind you of all the good things you’re doing… even if the only good thing you feel like you did all day was wipe a butt.