I’m having nightly braxton hicks contractions… It’s become a normal thing for me.  It freaks Josh out.  We currently have plenty of girl name options, but not a single boy name.  Josh keeps saying if it’s a boy we’ll name him Julius, but I’ve vetoed that one. 

Hank is ready for the baby to come out.  This is what he told me the other night: “Let’s get it out.” “How us get it out?” “Wif a knife?” “Let’s cut it.” 😱 

I can’t make this stuff up.  But I did write it in my phone notes so I wouldn’t forget. 😂  And also so there’s evidence if something happens to me, ya know. 

I’m cool chillin’ here pregnant for a while longer.  I’m feeling good for the most part and thankful for that. I had Hank a little early at 38w6days… and let me tell ya I was NOT prepared.  I was totally convinced I’d go late. 

We’ll see what happens with sprout here, but I have a few things I’d like to do before he/she arrives… like figure out how to keep the animals from escaping, and maybe set up a place for him/her to sleep.  😏