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We plant the seeds, but God gives the harvest.

“What you see depends on how you view the world.  To most people this is [...]

Early Season Alfalfa Scouting

I love alfalfa.  It’s a fun crop to manage and assess year after year.  I [...]

We’re Stewarding the Land

We’re a conventional farm and we steward the land.  The land is our livelihood.  If [...]

We Use Pesticides

I know what some of you are thinking… “why would you even tap into such [...]

Vertical Tillage

You know planting is getting closer when we break out the tillage equipment!  Today, we’re [...]

Allelopathy of Cereal Rye when Planting Corn-Notes

I watched the video below by Steve Goff-The Cover Crop Coach. It was very helpful [...]