We’re Stewarding the Land

We’re a conventional farm and we steward the land.  The land is our livelihood.  If we don’t carefully steward it, we won’t thrive in the future. 

We make decisions based on what is best for the land we farm and our operation.  There’s always going to be others out there with opinions saying that one way is better than another.   We love to learn and try new things, however, what’s best for one piece of land might not be best for another.

In this field, we planted a cover crop of rye last fall after harvesting soybeans.  Then, we strip tilled it with fertilizer to minimize soil disruption.  There is an area of this field that is prone to washouts and we plan to seed a waterway where we’ve had issues in the past. 

Crop rotation, minimal tillage, water ways, and cover crops are all practices we’re implementing to improve and preserve this field’s production for the future.  

There’s a lot more to a farm than what you might see on the outside.  Unless you actually talk to a farmer and learn what they’re doing, you’ll never truly know. 

We’re conventional farmers and we’re stewarding the land. 💛🌱

Click below to watch a YouTube video of us scouting this field!