Create the Life You Want to Live

You create the life you want to live.  Nobody else is going to do it for you.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past 1.5 years after making the HUGE life decision to leave my corporate, relatively structured career, to be a stay-at-home farm wife/mom.  I learned quickly that I thrive off of chasing anything new and I’m easily distracted.  Ooooo Shiny!  

I tend to overcommit and overdo it, plunging myself into a state of overwhelm, and causing me to miss out on the good stuff of life.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?

But here’s the hard truth.  Aside from actual work hours, (if you’re working) you set your schedule. You get to decide how you spend your time.  You create the life you want to live. 

I’ve had to set some boundaries for myself, and I’m sharing this with you all because I’ve felt a huge shift in my overall happiness and our family dynamic… and maybe this will help one of you if you’re in the same boat. 

I turned off all notifications for my social media and email.  I found the buzz of my phone and the flashing notifications across my screen very distracting to everyday life.  

I take a certain time of day before Hank wakes up to focus on replying to emails and messages.  I avoid computer work and being on my phone too much when Hank is awake. 

I say “no” to things!  It’s hard for me, I’m an enneagram 7, but I don’t find joy in always being busy.  If I’m in a state of overwhelm I know I’m not my best self for me or my family. 

I’m reading more books.  Reading is exercise for your mind… and it brings me to a state of calm. 

You have a choice on how you spend your time.  You get to set your own boundaries, and your happiness is determined by YOURSELF, no one else.  Once you take responsibility for it and make changes based on what you want, the possibility of living your best life becomes a reality.