Early Season Frost Damage Scouting

For Mother’s Day, I asked to go out scouting with my boys.  We had some frost overnight Sat-Sun this weekend and some cooler evenings earlier in the week.  We are seeing some damage to the mesocotyl on certain seedlings but it’s looking to be pretty sporadic.  These three plants were in the same row, the one on the left came up great, the middle looked to have some cold stress putting it a day or two behind.  The one on the right grew through a piece of residue and possibly also had some cold stress, all in the same row.  We saw light frost damage on some plants, but nothing that is keeping us awake at night, thankfully. 

The soil temperatures at planting for this field were ideal, between 50-60 degrees, but we had some very cool nights after planting which caused soil temps to drop and most likely was the cause of this damage.