Favorite Fall Farm Fits

Favorite Fall Farm Fits

Fall is my favorite time of year for farm “fashion”.  I guess you could call it that right?! I love layering. I love the crisp cool air after the summer heat. I love that I don’t have to cover every inch of my body quite yet, leaving only peepholes for my eyes to see. It’s wonderful. 

Here’s what you’re gonna need: 

A Good Graphic Tee

One of my favorite bases for a daily farm look is a good graphic tee. The weather is still fluctuating a lot here, and I like being able to go down to a t-shirt during the warmest parts of the day. 

I have found numerous small business owners through my social media adventures to support! Most of the business owners have ag backgrounds themselves and have great creative designs!

The shirt on the left is from FarmHer brand! Frounder, Marji, has a similar story to me in leaving her corporate Ag career to pursue her own dreams. Her mission: shine a light on women in agriculture. 

Check out my shop on Farm Focused! This is the first design for apparel I created! “We Work in Acres, Not Hours”


My friend Meredith has a great farm apparel shop with lots of cute things for kids as well!

I also recently bought some cute farm kid and farm mom stuff from my friend Katie Dowson! Here’s her shop. 

Special edition Crop Top tee from Rosebuds tees! For sale during the month of October, all of the procedes from this shirt will go to the Rural Gone Urban Foundation, that awards no questions asked grants to women fighting cancer. 

Jean Obsession

I should own stock in Levi’s jeans by now. Just kidding, but really. Levi’s Wedgie jeans are my favorite jean fit for my body. I love the button fly and that they’re high waisted. I buy most of my Levi’s on Mercari, secondhand, at less than half the cost of a new pair. Search “levi’s wedgie” and filter to your size, save the search so Mercari notifies you when more jeans are added and snag the best deals!

The premium fit style wedgie jeans have very sturdy fabric and hold up well. I’ve found some of the skinny jean styles don’t have quite as sturdy of fabric. Next up, I’m going to snag a pair of bootcut wedgie’s to try! I have a hard time venturing to anything new at the moment besides this style of jeans. 

A Sturdy Boot

Let’s talk women’s work boots. There are starting to be more and more options out there.  I have defaulted to wearing a good pair of cowboy boots in the past and I still like that option, but I have really been loving these work boots. #notsponsored They’re Keen women’s work boots.

They’ve got an Aluminum toe, so it’s a lightweight hard toe. Keen is also Josh’s boot brand choice and I know they have a good return/replacement policy on their products. I haven’t had them super long so I’ll have to give an update on how they hold up, but they are comfortable and I’m loving them so far!

Cowboy boots work best with Levi’s Wedgie Skinny jeans.  The inseam on the other Levi’s I have doesn’t work well with cowboy boots. 

The work boots pictured here are Carhartt. I loved them, but wanted to try something different. 

Layer Up!

I love a good vest. I got this one customized at a local embroidery shop with our farm name and it can go with just about anything in my closet. I love layering a vest over a hoodie, this is another one from FarmHer, or a flannel shirt!

My favorite jacket from Senita! The Shelby Sherpa Jacket in the color latte. If you’ve followed me on social, you might know I’ve worked with Senita since I was pregnant with Harper. They have great maternity options and nursing sports bras. I love so many of their pieces, but this is my favorite Jacket! Just don’t wear it when you’re working with hay or straw. 

My code with Senita is MARYPAT15 for 15% off your first order. 

Flannel for days! I love layering flannels over graphic tees. Sometimes they’re the in-between layer and I put a jacket or vest on top for extra warmth! This is a Columbia brand flannel. I also love flannels from Duluth Trading. Flag & Anthem also has some great options! I also love this cropped flannel I found at Target. 

I love a good shirt jac. This one from Duluth has been my favorite for years. They no longer have this print, but they have other options! 

Another shirt jac option for when you’re feeling fancy! A Farm Chick’s Closet has some really cute outerwear!