Freezer Meal Prep

Freezer meal prep is one thing I do for future MP.  Future MP NEVER regrets an easy meal, especially during our busy seasons.  

Prepping freezer meals can be something as simple as making a double batch of dinner for you and your family during the week. One mess, multiple meals. I also like to freeze smaller portions of meals for nights where I’m only feeding the kids and I.  A  few ideas to double batch and freeze are: Enchiladas, Farmhouse Muffins  and Chicken Pot PieThis is also one of my favorite ways to make Chicken Pot Pie, with cheese as the top crust!

You can also intentionally plan a day to prep freezer meals.  Here are some things I like to intentionally prep to feed the crew: Runza’s, Meatballs, Pulled Pork on the smoker. (don’t have a recipe for that one yet)

Another idea I had that would be SO FUN would be to host a freezer meal party with other women.  Here’s my thoughts on that. 

Freezer Meal Party

Invite your closest friends. Everyone brings a different freezer meal, but multiple of that one freezer meal.  For example: I would bring 5 pans of enchiladas, and my friend Martha would bring 5 pans of chicken pot pie, etc.  These meals would be all prepped and ready to go.  

Everyone goes home with one of each of the freezer meals prepared to have for their own families!  And the rest of the time you spend together could be having an old fashioned and tray of charcuterie. This wouldn’t be a working party, but more of an exchange and relax type of party. Good for the mental health this time of year. 

If you need more inspiration on freezer prepped meals Pinterest is LOADED with them! 

And if you’ve all got kids, you can let them run wild outside. (as long as you aren’t next to a busy road)

Harvest can be A LOT, but the more we can surround ourselves with folks who understand and can offer support this time of year, the better off we’ll be. Praying for YOU to have a blessed harvest season!