Generational Farm

We’re a generational farm. 

Josh and his brothers are the 5th generation of farmers in their family.  The farm has moved locations over the years, but on the current home farm, we would be the 3rd generation. 

Recently, we’ve gotten some feedback from social media on what it’s like to be a generational farm.  “Generational farm, easy street” and  “Grandpa owns everything” are a couple of comments that stick out.  

I’m not going to pretend to know the challenges of a first generation farm.  I know very little about it.  But I do know several first generation farmers on social media who use their experiences to inspire others, rather than cut down generational farms. 

The truth of it all is, we face different challenges from one another no matter if you’re a generational farm or not.  Everyone’s situation is different, but there’s one common thread.  We ALL work hard.  If we don’t work hard, invest, and take risks, we won’t be successful.  

And if we aren’t successful, we won’t have the opportunity to transition the farm to the next generation.  We’re proud to be a generational farm and work hard every day to be able to carry on the legacy.

Instead of comparing our challenges and deciding who works harder based on what we see on social media, my suggestion would be to encourage one another.  We all go through hard times, we all face challenges, and one person’s challenges aren’t any more or less significant than others.