Good Old Fashioned Barn Movin’

It’s been raining and pouring out here for the past two weeks and the guys haven’t been able to get into the fields. Everything is mucky, wet, sticky, muddy… I could go on and on with describing how gloomy it is out there, but that’s a waste of time.

What’s not a waste of time is a good old fashioned barn movin’. We acquired a barn for free from a friend and moved it to our place. It’s our new goat penthouse suite. You can watch the barn move in under 3 minutes in the video below, but first let me tell you how stressful this was for me.

First and foremost you need to know something about the stereotypical “Sass Boy”. They were raised with a drive to #getstuffdone and #nevergiveup. Even if the equipment you have isn’t big enough for the job. That’s what happened here.

The tractor wasn’t powerful enough to lift up one side of the barn, so they had to get creative. They used the tractor to an extent, as well as two handyman jacks, 4 metal barrels, several old wood pallets and random blocks of wood.

The barn creaked, cracked, swung and swayed as it rose up high enough to get the trailer under it. Somehow it all worked out. I think I grew an extra 500 or so grey hairs or so in the process as I watched my husband of not even three years scrounge around under an unstable building. “We have so much life left to live!” is what I was thinking at the time.

However, it did all work out and I’m happy to say we all survived without a single bump or bruise. After we got the barn home, it was much easier to unload and that process went smooth. Take a few minutes to watch and see how the Sass Boys #getstuffdone.