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  • Chapter 7: Harvest Date
    Going out to dinner with a farmer during harvest season is nearly impossible. Luckily for steel blue, my job involved working with farmers, and I understood their harvest schedule.  All year, farmers run a race and the final lap is harvest season. They put in care and effort to grow the best crop they can […]
  • Chapter 6: I made a mistake.
    After hitting send, I immediately regretted it.  Our conversation turned cold.  He had put his heart on the line, only to be met with a wishy-washy response which he took as a midwestern, “no”.  The tone in our conversation did a complete 180 from playful and fun immediately to businesslike.  I felt a different feeling […]
  • 23 in 2023
    Some people have new year’s resolutions, some choose a theme word for the year, and some avoid all of the new year stuff altogether. I fall somewhere in the middle… or maybe to an extreme depending on how you see it. I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s 22 in 2022 list and decided to create […]
  • Christmas Slush
  • 2022 Christmas Letter
    Merry Christmas Friends! Welcome to the second edition of our Sass Family Christmas letter. Proud to say I didn’t give up on this tradition after one year.  After 2021, the year of months of DIY house renovations, we decided to hire some help to finish our basement. It was definitely the right decision, but biting […]

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