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  • Senita-Autumn House of Color Favs
    I recently shared on social media some of my favorites from Senita for my Autumn House of Color girls and wanted a place to link the products I shared! Senita always has lots of great color options so be sure to check out what they have that might fit your season! These links are affiliated […]
  • Why My Family Doesn’t Carry Health Insurance
    I am self-employed and I do not carry health insurance. In this blog post, I’ll share why. When I was considering leaving my corporate career, I made a list of pros and cons. One of the biggest cons on my list was having to give up our family’s health insurance.  I grew up on a […]
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide
    For the moms who wear many hats and can be found wrangling kids in the dusty corners of a barn, shuffling farmers from one field to the next, whipping up a meal to serve a crew in a moments notice, delivering a newborn calf, and much, much more. I’ve curated a list of some of […]
  • Chapter 7: Harvest Date
    Going out to dinner with a farmer during harvest season is nearly impossible. Luckily for steel blue, my job involved working with farmers, and I understood their harvest schedule.  All year, farmers run a race and the final lap is harvest season. They put in care and effort to grow the best crop they can […]
  • Chapter 6: I made a mistake.
    After hitting send, I immediately regretted it.  Our conversation turned cold.  He had put his heart on the line, only to be met with a wishy-washy response which he took as a midwestern, “no”.  The tone in our conversation did a complete 180 from playful and fun immediately to businesslike.  I felt a different feeling […]

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