It’s time.

It’s time. Time to be a VOICE. Time to tell OUR story so someone else doesn’t try to make one up for us.

In recent years, there has been greater scrutiny on farmers and ranchers. The media has taken over with features of negative stories. Fear tactics are used in food marketing to lead the consumer to believe progressive food isn’t safe.

Farmers are working harder than ever on being sustainable and improving efficiencies in production and food safety. But these aren’t the stories you’ll see featured on the news.

Here are some farmer facts for your Monday:

  • Careful stewardship by American farmers has spurred a 34% decline in the erosion of cropland by wind and water since 1982.
  • Total U.S. corn yields have increased more than 360% since 1950.
  • 87% of U.S. ag products sold are produced on family farms or ranches.
  • Americans enjoy a food supply that is abundant, affordable overall and among the world’s safest, thanks in large part to the efficiency and productivity of America’s farm and ranch families.

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Farmers and ranchers make up only 1.3% of the United States employed population. We are a small crowd, but that doesn’t mean our voices can’t be heard. It’s more important now than ever to tell OUR story, be a VOICE, and be a TRUSTED source of information for consumers out there.

Hi, I’m Mary Pat Sass. I’m a farmer’s wife. And I’m here to tell OUR story.