Just because you CAN do all the things, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Sometimes I get asked how often I drive a tractor.  If you’re talkin’ lawn tractor, my answer would be weekly or more often.  But when it comes to our tractors on the farm, my answer is rarely. 

Just because you CAN do all the things doesn’t mean you SHOULD. 

Let me explain.  I CAN drive a tractor, but that doesn’t mean I SHOULD. Right now, that isn’t my most valuable place on our family farm. Some days I would love to escape to a tractor and sit by myself with my favorite playlist going.  It would honestly feel like a mini vacation. 

But I want to be the most help.  And right now, that means I’m supporting our guys out there in the tractor by providing them meals, running for parts, being a chauffeur, moving irrigations, and whatever else they need me to do spur of the moment.  For our family, I’m holding down the homefront, keeping the toddler alive, managing our rentals, doing the yardwork, and oh yeah… growing a second tiny human!  

23 year old MP wouldn’t have been content in a supportive role.  She needed to feel the importance of doing something she considered “significant”.  She needed to prove that yeah she’s a girl, but she can do all the things the boys do.  

I’m so glad I’ve outgrown those insecurities.  I know how important my role is today.  I know things wouldn’t run nearly as smoothly if I was in the seat of a tractor all day, too.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…

Whether you’re the tractor driver, maintenance man, gopher girl, fertilizer spreader, chauffeur, dinner maker, bookkeeper, fuel filler upper, clothes washer, sprayer applicator, or baby keeper aliver… YOU matter.  And don’t you forget it.