Hi, I’m Mary Pat. Yes, that’s my first name. I have two first names. It’s not “Mary Beth”, “Mary”, “Mary Kat”, or any other combination that has been written on my Starbucks cup in the past. People often ask if I use both first names. Yes, yes I do. But you can call me “MP”, because we’re all friends here and that’s easier.

I’m a farm wife and first-time mama. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, so farming has been part of my entire life. I have a degree in Ag Business and recently “retired” from my 5-year career in the agriculture industry. I’m now a stay at home mama to my little boy, Hank.

We go on a lot of adventures and are always up to something! My days fly by faster than they ever have before. I’m here to share our stories, ideas and everyday adventures on the farm. I hope you enjoy and learn something new!