Mother’s Day Inspiration

Do you have a special mom in your life but you don’t know what to get her? I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorite things to help inspire you!

Some, not all, of these products contain affiliate links, so if you chose to purchase with the link I would make a small commission. Thanks for supporting me!

For any Mom

I’ve been very fortunate to meet several incredible small business owners since I became one myself. Brenda from Prairie Field Honey has been a wonderful encourager and mentor for me. She offers gifts that would fit any mom. You’ll find a variety of honey, beeswax candles, and homemade beeswax food wraps. Simple, yet beautifully created gifts supporting a family-owned business. You can’t go wrong!

For the New Mom

For moms with new babes or moms who have saved breastmilk with the intention of creating a beautiful jewelry piece with it, I’d highly recommend working with Jewelry Memories. They create beautiful pieces of breastmilk jewelry and also have DIY kits available. I decided to have my special piece created by them because they work with real gold and it’s something I wanted to last a lifetime.

They have options at several different price points and also offer DIY kits. They can also work with baby formula to create something beautiful. All feeding journeys should be celebrated as should all mamas. Code “MARYPAT” at checkout will get you a discount.

For the Fancy Lady Cowgirl -or- Farmgirl

Another small business owner friend of mine I’ve met since I began my journey is Paige who started No Roots Boots. She has so many options to choose from. She also has bags, wallets, key chains and more all on her site.

For the Foodie

I’ve only shared this cheese slicer about a million times. If she’s a fan of block cheeses, she will love this slicer. It’s basically like a cheese paper cutter that makes slicing a dream.

One of my favorite kitchen tools has been a ceramic knife we got for our wedding that I can’t even find anymore. You don’t have to sharpen ceramic knives and they seem to last a long while. These ones had great reviews on Amazon so when I need to replace mine, which is 6 years old, I will get these!

My ultimate favorite item in my kitchen is this huge bowl. I use it more than any other bowl in my kitchen. For sourdough raising, salad making, veggie mixing, puppy chow, you name it. I’ve found I’m never upset if my bowl is too big for the project, but much more often I get frustrated when it’s too small.

If you’re searching for more colors on Amazon, make sure to look for the bowl with 2 handles, and make sure it’s 42 cups.

For the Gardener

This is not the best picture of a Vego garden with my squinty eyes and a broken trampoline in the background, but if she likes raised beds she’s probably going to like a Vego Raised Bed. It would be even better if you set it up for her!

Josh built me my original raised bed, which took a lot more time and effort. Materials these days for the wood garden behind me in the picture are also not cheap. I also think these Vego beds are going to last longer over time. They also come in other color options and lots of different configurations. Price-wise they are very affordable for the size and when compared to a stock tank type of raised bed.

For the Music Buff

I love this wireless speaker, which is currently on sale! It’s tiny but mighty. Josh got it for me for Christmas this past year and I find myself using it the most with the kids on our walks and as we’ve been able to get outside more and more.

If the mom in your life prefers earbuds, I’ve really liked both pairs I’ve had from Sudio. The sound quality from my first pair to this second pair below was greatly improved! I’ve never had someone complain about the quality when I’m talking with them on the phone, and they’re cute to boot!

For the Homebody

Plant Therapy is my go-to essential oil brand. (I only use oils for diffusing) I like them because they give you the most bang for your buck, in my opinion. Some of my favorite go-to oils are: Lemon, Bergamont, Mint, Lavender, and Sweet Orange.

They’ve also got a special Poppy Passive diffuser for Mother’s Day. Passive Diffusers definitely have a lighter smell and are for small rooms like on a desk or in a bathroom. I prefer a traditional steam diffuser for the stronger scent, but if you have a lady who likes the smell to be lighter, a passive diffuser would be a great option.

For the Active Mama

I’ve been a huge fan of Senita since I first tried their maternity/nursing bras when I had Hank. They have the best nursing sports bras out there if you know a mama who is breastfeeding. I wear their clothes daily and they have helped me feel confident in my postpartum body. This top below is one of my absolute favorites, the Refresh Cropped Long Sleeve. It’s kind of out of season now, but I have a whole page of my favorites from Senita linked here. Code: “MARYPAT15” will get you 15% off your first purchase from Senita.

Josh recently got me some new shoes for my birthday for walking/jogging and I love them so far. I get so overwhelmed when looking for new active shoes, but these came as a suggestion from a friend. I was told to make sure to purchase them directly from the Saucany site and not Amazon because she tried ordering from Amazon and they weren’t the same.