MYTH: Farmers Abuse Their Animals

FACT: Animal welfare is the #1 priority for farmers who own livestock. Those animals are their livelihood. Growing up on a dairy farm, I have my own personal experience with this.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape. I know that bad apples exist. They exist in every industry. They exist in pet owners as well. Some people just suck and they give all of us a bad name, unfortunately.

For my family, cow comfort is #1. The cows have their own nutritionist to balance their meals. They also have a vet that comes once a month to do a health check. Animals are evaluated daily for overall health and if they need extra care, they are given it right away. They have clean bedding, and access to fresh feed and water all day/night.

They have plenty of room to move around and socialize. They only really work about 20 minutes a day. 2 milkings, about 10 minutes each. The rest of the time they’re eating, socializing, and napping.

Moral of the story here, a happy cow produces more milk. We make sure our cows are handled with care and treated properly. When a cow is well cared for by us, we’re rewarded with higher milk production and a long lifespan from her.

So, you can rest easy tonight while you’re eating your T-bone steak and a big bowl of ice cream for dessert. Farmers treat their animals with the utmost care. And if you need more reassurance in the products you’re buying, buy them directly from a farmer you trust.