Myth: Pesticides Aren’t Safe

First, let’s define what a pesticide is. A pesticide fights bugs, weeds, and fungi in conventional AND organic crops. Yep! Organic food production uses pesticides as well. The main difference being, organic pesticides can’t be synthetically produced… but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safer.

FACT: Both naturally and synthetically derived are safe. The EPA regulates pesticides, analyzes their risks, and creates safety thresholds for amounts of each one that is used in food production.

The FDA monitors and enforces pesticide tolerances in produce and processed foods. The USDA monitors meat and poultry products. These regulations apply to both domestic and imported food products.

Pesticides are highly regulated and are restricted to many times lower than the lowest dose known to cause harm. Pesticide levels in produce rarely exceed safety thresholds and often don’t cause harm when they do.

Farmers and pesticide applicators are required to take courses for proper application and use of pesticides. They must also pass an exam to be licensed.

Our food supply is among the safest in the world.