Newborn Baby Essentials

Eufy Baby Monitor

We went with this baby monitor because it is NOT WiFi. Call us conspiracy theorists, but we’ve seen videos of baby monitors on WiFi getting hacked and that freaked us out a bit. The quality is great, you can pan the camera using the monitor, and you can add a second camera to monitor two kiddo’s at once.

Zippered Sleepers

When Hank was a newborn he lived in these. They make short sleeves for summer and I’d also recommend getting some without feet coverings if you have a summer babe. Steer clear of anything that buttons, zippers are your friends, bonus points if they reverse zipper from the foot up for easy diaper changes.

Velcro Swaddles

The nurses at the hospital are ninja’s. I’ll never understand how they get the blankets tight enough so babies don’t bust out. Do yourself a favor and get some velcro swaddles so when you wake up in the middle of the night to feed, you aren’t also wrestling with a swaddle trying to get it tight.

Snuggle Me Lounger

This was probably one of the more boujee thing we had for our firstborn. It was super handy, a place for baby to nap anywhere, and we traveled with it quite a bit. There are other ones out there that I have since liked, including the Boppy Newborn lounger.

Portable Fan

For summer babies, I highly recommend one of these battery powered portable fans. It was super handy with our first, born in August. It wraps easily around a stroller or carseat to keep them cool.

Breastfed Baby Bottles

We loved these bottles for our breastfed baby. We probably got lucky, but we never had issues with him going back and forth from these bottles and back to breastfeeding.

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Every parent probably tries out multiple pacifiers, but the Tommee Tippee brand worked best for our breastfed baby.

40% Zinc Oxide

You’re going to want Desitin or something like it with 40% zinc oxide. Spread it on thick, like a healthy spread of peanut butter on toast, don’t be shy.

Gentle Baby Lotion

Their little bodies are sensitive so make sure you find something very gentle. Their skin is also very prone to drying out, so keeping it moisturized is key.

Flannel Receiving Blankets/Burp Rags

My first kiddo was a spit up king. I used these receiving blankets mostly as burp rags because they are bigger. The flannel is more absorbent than a muslin fabric. Highly recommend for a kid that spits up a lot.

Muslin Receiving Blankets

Great for a lightweight summer cover over babe, and I used them a lot as covers for breastfeeding in public or when my father-in-law was visiting… HA!