Ruger is our first child. He’s a 4 year old black lab and we got him as a tiny puppy about 2 months into dating each other. From the very start we both agreed if we didn’t “make it” as a couple that the biggest fight we would have would be over who would get Ruger. We begrudgingly agreed that the only way it would work would be to have joint custody because we would both put up our best fight to keep him.

Good news, we are still together, so Ruger is living his best life with both of us every day. Here’s a list of Ruger’s favorite things:

  • Playing… he plays like a puppy and has tons of stuffed animal toys that he leaves all over the house
  • Barking at nothing
  • Loves riding on the Gator and doing chores with Grandma
  • His puppy cousins that he plays with at the farm everyday
  • Being outside
  • Going on walks
  • Swimming-he’s the Michael Phelps of the dog world
  • Taking naps