Rural Rooted

When I started my journey on social media I lacked confidence, really didn’t have a plan, was afraid of failing, and truly felt alone on my journey.  

When I first invested in myself I was really out of my comfort zone.  Suzy School was a complete game changer for me on my journey.  I took an online course that helped me focus and learn what I really wanted my social presence to look like. Along with that focus/alignment came growth.  Not just growth in my community, but growth in my business and an actual income that positively impacted my family. 

Natalie is one of the women I met through my Suzy School journey and she inspired me to take the next step and start spreading my knowledge and experience to others.  Natalie created Rural Rooted Retreats specifically for women in agriculture or rural settings and she teaches the Suzy School method. 

Rural rooted retreats

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The most incredible social media experience I’ve had so far were the in-person Rural Rooted Retreats.  I have attended two so far.  The first, to shadow as a coach and the second to be an assistant coach at the retreat with Natalie.  It was life changing for me and I wasn’t even an attendee working through my own “why”. 

If you’re looking for direction, spinning your wheels with your business, and don’t know where to take it, Rural Rooted is built for you.  It’s more than working through business strategy or growing your social media… It’s a heavy dose of diving deep into discovering WHY you’re on the path you’re on and building a strategy for how to get where you want to go. 

I’ve watched and helped numerous women through breakthroughs in their lives and business at these retreats.  There’s something about disconnecting from real life to really have focus without life’s distractions.  I left both retreats I attended and coached at on a complete high and with 20 new sisters and supporters on my own journey. 

I’ve found a passion for helping other women on their journey and I’m really looking forward to helping Natalie with her 2022 Rural Rooted Retreats.  As Nat has done more and more retreats they have evolved over time and include more value than ever.  Natalie not only teaches social media mastery, but she is a master herself and has been incredibly successful. 


Rural rooted Reunions

What I love most about Rural Rooted is it has become a sisterhood of supportive rural women that doesn’t end at the retreats.  Natalie has created Rural Rooted Reunions to bring together multiple classes from the retreats with an opportunity to learn more and mastermind together.  

Social media is constantly changing and after Rural Rooted you won’t feel alone on the journey.  You’ll have a whole army of sisters and resources at your fingertips.