Senita Perfect Summer Pairings

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve probably recognized my love for this brand of athletic wear- Senita. It started with their maternity/nursing sports bras when I was breastfeeding Hank almost 4 years ago. Then, Josh bought me some maternity items when I was pregnant with Harper and I fell in love with their “Senita Mom” line.

Post-partum is where things really kicked in for me. I love how I look and feel in clothes from Senita. They hug me in all the right places and make me feel confident in my post-partum body. This post is all about summer pairings of tanks and shorts, but I would be remiss if I didn’t shout our a couple of things about their sports bras and swimming suits. First off, the pads don’t bunch up in the dryer… that is a HUGE pet peeve of mine for bras. And as for swimming suits, they cover up all the parts I don’t want to show, while still making me feel feminine and ready to hit the water with my crazy kids without an accidental peep show. I highly HIGHLY recommend.

Now for the Perfect Summer Pairings!

Swift Shorts- Color: Magenta

I went with a TTS Small. I’m 5’6”, about 125-130lbs for reference. 

I love that these shorts are longer and have a liner that’s more like a biker short. The pocket is inside the biker short liner so it’s not as easy to access your phone as some of the other short. However, if you’re running or something, your phone will stay in place! There is also a tie to cinch them up a bit. 

Paired with the Energy cropped tank

Size Small. I don’t believe they have this color available anymore, but they do have other colors in this style! I love this cropped tank. It’s a great length for a high waisted short and can be dressed up or down!

Black Leopard Lux High Waisted Rio Shorts

These are a 7” inseam. I like this inseam, but also love the Baseline 5” inseam shorts. I get a TTS small in these. They have big pockets for storing a phone and are super comfortable! 

Paired with the Arya Cinch Tank in the color Marsala

I absolutely LOVE the Arya Cinch tank, I have it in 3 colors. I get a TTS Small. It’s super flattering tied up as more of a crop. You can also leave it untied for a more relaxed fit. I love how versatile it is. I wear it with high-waisted jeans or jean shorts a lot and love the look.  

PRO TIP– tie a knot in the drawstring or you will lose it and have to feed it back through.

Sedona Shorts in Black

These are probably my favorite shorts from Senita. I got them in my TTS Small. They are high-waisted and have pockets big enough for your phone. They don’t have a liner.  They’re just SO comfortable. I have them in two colors. Would totally order more. 

Paired with another Arya Cinch tank

This one is the color Lavender.

Trek Shorts in the color Surf

The trek shorts are amazing. TTS Small. A little bit thicker because they have a mesh liner.  Zippered and open pockets.  These wouldn’t be “stay-cool” shorts, but would be great for hiking adventures and outdoor activities.  I really love folding these shorts down one roll to expose the tie.  They have a nice fit and look really good paired with the knotty tank. 

Knotty Tank in Marsala

I believe this color is sold out but they have other colors.  TTS Small. I love this tank because it’s more fitted and looks great with a looser style short.  It’s more of a crop fit.

On the bottom are my FAV Sedona shorts in the color Berry. And on top is the Knotty Tank in the color Ivy. This is probably my favorite pairing of them all.

Elevate 2 Shorts in color Periwinkle

These are a new style of shorts from Senita and I immediately ordered two pairs because I knew I would love them. I’m glad I did. TTS Small. They have deep pockets and a zippered back pocket. They fit nice and are a little shorter than the other shorts I have but still very comfortable for me. 

This is paired with the Natalie tank. It’s from last summer, but a super airy tank that is slit high up the side. I like this tank but prefer to have it tucked into whatever I’m wearing.  Love this color combo together.

I hope this helped if you’ve been looking at Senita and didn’t know where to start! If you have questions don’t hesitate to send me a DM on Instagram or email!

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