Top 6 Breastfeeding Must Have’s

There it is, my last bag of frozen breast milk.  It’s next to a frozen pork roast and a box of ice cream cones, which I’ll need to dull the emotions of this breastfeeding journey officially coming to an end.  We made it 10 months of breastfeeding and I had enough stored milk to get him to start transitioning and mixing in some cows milk at 11 months. He’ll be a year old next Saturday, and by then I’m sure this last bag of frozen breastmilk will be completely gone.  

Breastfeeding is difficult, both physically and emotionally.  My emotions for this journey ending are both that of happiness and sadness. Being a mom is so confusing. I’m happy to be done breastfeeding because I feel like I am getting back to myself again.  I can wear all my old bras comfortably. I don’t have to time my exercise to be right after feeding so I’m not tossing around a couple of watermelons while I run/bike.  

I’m sad because it was a truly beautiful thing to breastfeed. Before 6 months, all of his growth, every pound he gained, came from my milk…. My body created everything he needed!  It’s insane how God created us to not only grow a human but also to feed it after it comes out. And I loved the moments, even those moments in the middle of the night, sitting in the rocking chair in his room bonding over the experience.  I miss those moments rocking back and forth while his little eyes struggled to stay open as he slowly drifted back to sleep.   

When I was pregnant, several people asked me the notorious question, “Will you be breastfeeding?”  I knew some were just asking out of curiosity, but I often felt like my answer to this question would be left with some sort of judgment from the questioner, whether they were for or against it. The answer in my head was usually, “What do you care, it’s not your kid!”… but my polite answer was always, “I’m going to try.” 

How you choose to feed your baby, whether breast or bottle, really doesn’t matter to me.  Oops, I said it. I have NO opinions on how other people feed their babies. Want to know why?  Because they aren’t MY babies! I’ll do me, and you do you. And let’s own our decisions and support each other for making the best decisions for us and our families.    

Now, if your pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding.  Or, if you have already chosen to dive into the breastfeeding world with your babe, I have my top 6 breastfeeding must have’s for you. These things are what helped make my life easier through our breastfeeding journey, and I hope they can help you too.  You got this mama! 

Top 6 Breastfeeding Must Have’s:
  1.  Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter- smells like chocolate, safe for your baby, actually works.
  2. Reuseable breast pads.  A lot more comfortable than the disposable ones. 
  3. Nursing Cover.  So many uses!
  4. Receiving blankets.  Used them as a nursing cover and a burp rag.  Had a TON of these.
  5. Senita Sports Nursing Bras.  Don’t feel like a nursing bra at all.  Super comfy. AMAZING.
  6. Silicone Breast Pump.  Helps build supply and a freezer stash!
Breastfeeding when Hank was about 1 month old in front of the crowd opening gifts at our baby shower.