10 Commandments of a Farm Wife During Harvest

10 Commandments of a Farm Wife (during harvest) 

  1. Thou shalt be available at a moments notice to run for parts or help switch fields.
  1. Thou shalt know where a field is located based on local landmarks, trees, past owners last names, rocks, roads, and fence posts.   
  1. Thou shalt understand the excitement of purchasing a new implement.  
  1. Thou shalt not make plans that require the husband.
  1. Thou shalt prepare meals that can be served hot or cold and eaten with a spoon on the go. 
  1. Thou shalt not ask, “what time will you be home tonight?”
  1. Thou shalt cherish tractor rides together and dusty sunsets from the cab.
  1. Thou shalt nurture the children, make sure they are fed, cleaned and dressed each day, and put to bed each night.
  1. Thou shalt encourage the farmer when he comes home weary and tired, although she feels the same way. 
  1. Thou shalt not doubt that the work she does is extremely important to the success of the farm.  Whether it’s in the home, off the farm, or out in the field beside her husband, her contributions are enough and beyond important.