Three Generations of Farmers in One Picture…

Three generations of farmers in one picture, and the two who can actually talk are strategizing their next move. 

I know what you’re thinking, “MP what if Hank doesn’t WANT to farm?”  I’ll tell you right now I am totally okay with that as long as he does something that makes him truly happy.

Our goal is to keep the farm prosperous and healthy so that someday if he does WANT to farm, he will have the opportunity.  

My goal here is to make sure people hear our story, from a real farm family, and be a source of information for those wanting to learn more about American agriculture.  

My heart is in it because someday if my boy 💙does WANT to farm, hopefully, more people in this world can have a better understanding of where and WHO their food comes from.💛🚜🇺🇸