Blue Collar Men’s Gift Guide

What do you get the guy who has everything?!

It’s no secret sometimes these guys are hard to shop for. My blue collar gift guide includes things we’ve loved for years and new ideas I have to get for my farmer in the future. I hope it helps as you shop this season!

Something to wear

If he’s anything like my guy, he won’t replace his own wardrobe even when it’s well past needing to be. New clothes are often a go-to gift from me to him.

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I do a lot of my clothes shopping for Josh at Duluth Trading. They make his favorite work pants, the Firehose Flex style. He’s worn these for years and loves them. 


Shirt Jacs are another item from Duluth Trading we both love. I personally love how he looks in them too. 

When I say I love shopping Duluth Trading, I mean it. All of Josh’s underwear comes from here too. 

His favorite socks come from Amazon. These are a great bang for your buck.


Josh has switched between workboots but lately he’s been loving these ones from Keen.  He says they don’t always hold up the longest (he can get about a year out of them) but they are the most comfortable boot for him. 

Something to Read

Josh isn’t much of a reader. In fact, I haven’t seen him read something that’s not an equipment manual in I don’t know how long. 

Maybe someday he’ll want to read  the stories we record in our Grounded Journals. These aren’t in quite yet, but I will have a soft launch ready by Christmas. Sign up for my GJ newsletter for more updates and special offers!

Publications Josh says he likes but I rarely see him reading: 

(you could order a subscription as a gift)

Farm journal

Successful Farming

Farm Week


Something he wants


Josh always wants tools. Milwaukee are his favorite brand. For his birthday I built him a custom Packout System so he could organize the tools he has at our house. He didn’t have any organization for them besides big ole plastic totes so this was a great gift for him. 

Tactical Flashlight

I’ve bought several of these flashlights. We’ve purchased them for gifts but it’s also Josh’s favorite one that he uses. 

Apple Watch

Josh loves wearing an apple watch. It surprises me because it’s definitely not a necessity, but he likes to have it and gets a lot of use out of it.


Hands-free headset. Josh loves his Blue Parrot and I’m very impressed with how long this one has lasted us. We’ve had it for 2.5 years now! Great for working around loud equipment.

Something He Needs


Don’t we all need an extra charger? Here’s a set I found on sale right now for iPhones. 

Neck Gator

If he’s working out in the cold, a neck gator adds a lot of extra warmth. Josh says he can eliminate a clothing layer by wearing a gator. 

Sturdy Water Bottle

Josh says he’s thankful to have a water bottle to carry along and help him drink more water through the day. He’s also got a Stanley Thermos for coffee. 


Okay so this one is kind of a joke but Josh really does love his crocs. These ones are lined for extra comfort in the winter.

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  1. Brennan Leathers says:

    Great gift ideas for guys like me! Several of them are very inexpensive and yet have great quality reviews. You can never get enough underwear and socks when you work outdoors in the heat/cold!

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