Farming is so much more than dollars and cents…

Farming is so much more than dollars and cents.  If it were just that, the decisions we make would be much simpler.  There’s uncertainty in the markets, weather, and more.  Farmers just want to farm.  

And it’s hard to leave work at work when you’re a farm family.  We take it very personally, and there’s a lot of passion in everything we do.  

As we near the end of our planting season, I see my farmer husband struggle with tough decisions.  Should we plant this field if it’s not fit?  There’s a lot of emotion in leaving a field fallow for a year.  Should we re-plant the areas of our fields that drowned out from the heavy rains? 

What should we do about in-season inputs?  More here? Less there? Does this crop even have the potential to pay us back?

All questions that weigh heavy on our minds, as every season presents a lot of questions we don’t have answers to.  We won’t know the outcome of all our hard work until harvest.  Until then, it’s all a gamble. 

Are we crazy?  Possibly… But I like to think of it as faithful.