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Farming in the Off-Season

What do grain farmers do in the winter? I mean, there are no animals to [...]

Harvest Has Begun!

Corn-Soybeans-Corn. We’ve been switching back and forth the first week of harvest, battling with weather [...]

We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are. We’re here to share about our farm, what we do, [...]

He’s Parenting, not Babysitting.

Innocent Bystander: “Oh, that’s so sweet of you to babysit Hank for a while so [...]

Why Sidedress?

Josh likes to drive through the cornfields after they’re already emerging because he just doesn’t [...]

Planting is Over, Now What?

Alright, so planting is over.  We dug the hole, put the seed in, put some [...]