Why Sidedress?

Josh likes to drive through the cornfields after they’re already emerging because he just doesn’t get enough tractor time in the planter.  He’s crazy. Insane actually. 

Alright, I hope you know I’m kidding.  What he’s doing here is a VERY important part of how we manage our corn crop in season.  You see, we apply our fertilizer in multiple applications throughout the growing season.   This is great for both the corn and the environment!

Corn needs nutrients as it grows, and some of the nutrients don’t like to stay in the soil profile very well.  Just like babies learning to eat, we spoonfeed the corn so the nutrients are there at the time the crop needs it! 

We start the season with a pre-plant application of fertilizer, then we come back in when the corn is about shin-knee high and make another application.  Then, on some of our fields, we go in a 3rd time before the corn tassels to put on another application through the sprayer with drop nozzles. 

It seems like pretty intense management, but we’ve seen great benefits from doing it this way, and we know our crops are better able to utilize the fertilizer investment we put out there!  Any questions? Please don’t be afraid to hit me up!