It’s “bean” awhile…

It’s “bean” awhile since I’ve talked about our soybean crop.  Actually, I have rarely mentioned it this season because Josh is the corn planting man, and his dad plants the soybeans.  Our fields are looking great so far and we started tissue sampling this week to determine what nutrients our soybeans need.

Roughly half of our acres are soybeans and I’m excited to be partnering with @pioneerseeds this season to bring you along on our journey with their products.  We have planted Pioneer soybeans for more than 10 years and their products perform very well among the other brands we plant, so we keep planting them! One of their #ASeries varieties was in our top 3 for yield last year.

This is our first year getting back into trying Pioneer corn hybrids. I’ll be documenting that experience this season as we try out their Qrome corn products. Look for a video on that coming soon!