Planting is Over, Now What?

Alright, so planting is over.  We dug the hole, put the seed in, put some dirt on top, added some water, and up comes the corn.  Simple as that.  It’s time for all the crop farmers to go on vacation at the lake right?!…. 


Now is the time for us to MANAGE this crop.  We make several decisions in-season on the farm.  We take tissue samples and scout often to determine what the crops need.  We even use satellite NDVI imagery to check for variability across our fields and analyze data points from earlier in the season. That’s some high tech shizzz if you ask me.  

Takes a little more grey matter than you might think to work through all of those decisions.  Factors like weather patterns, disease, insect and weed pressures, and the markets… uff, the markets… affect our decisions.  We make our final decisions based on our potential return on investment. 

We’re SO excited to share more about what we do during the growing season on our farm.  Do you have any questions you’d like us to cover?