He’s Parenting, not Babysitting.

Innocent Bystander: “Oh, that’s so sweet of you to babysit Hank for a while so MP can have some time to herself.”

Josh: “I’m not babysitting.  I’m parenting.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud to parent with him than a moment like this.  

If you’re the main caregiver or you stay home with your kids, it’s easy to feel guilty for having time alone.  You feel like it’s your job to be raising those babes 24/7, because well… it IS technically your “job”.  

But can I get an Amen for how important it is to have that alone time?!  And to have a spouse who sees taking the kids as something they look forward to… not a time when they’re “babysitting”.  Bless him.