“Hank’s” Mother’s Day Note to Me

“Hey mom, happy Mother’s Day.  There’s so many things that dad and I would like to say. 

We didn’t have time to get you a card because dad was farmin’ real hard. 

Thanks for making me French toast sticks, for lunch and dinner but mostly breakfix.

Dad couldn’t do anything without you by his side, and thanks for taking me out for so many tractor rides.

We want you to know that we both think your sooo pretty and when you guys want to give me a baby brother or sister, I’m definitely ready.

You’re always there for me when I fall down and scrape my knees, even when you’re killing it selling blocks and blocks of cheese.

I swear you’ve changed each of my 1 million diapers even the ones when I’m being so hyper.

I know sometimes that I don’t nap for very long, but in your arms is where I belong.

We love you and want to thank you for everything that you do and keeping us safe from the corona flu.” 

Apparently “Hank” wrote me this poem in the tractor at midnight last night.  And you can bet I was crying croc tears, because something like this is way more special than a Hallmark card.  Check out my stories for the live reading of it. 

Happy Mother’s Day