Have you ever met a dairy farmer before?

Have you ever met a dairy farmer before?  I don’t mean you met one online, saw their content, maybe watched a video of their farm.  I mean, have you ever actually engaged with a dairy farmer, asked them questions, gained their trust, and maybe even visited their farm to see how things work?

If you have, you’ll know at least ONE thing: If they didn’t love it, they wouldn’t do it.  

Dairy farming can be thankless at times, and some days you really don’t love it.  I’ve experienced the tears shed over losing a calf you worked so hard to keep alive in the dead of winter.  I’ve been there for early mornings and late nights of chores.  Growing up, we were tied to the farm and leaving, especially overnight, was few and far between. 

I’ve watched my family take care of the cows better than they take care of themselves.  We know the cows live a good life.  We’re confident in the healthy and safe products we’re delivering to consumers.  

When I see someone spreading false information on the health of dairy products or skewing how animals are cared for, it’s disheartening… but it makes me realize just how important it is that those of us with real-life experience share about it.  

Next time you have a question about dairy or see someone share something that seems off, please remember–Ask a Farmer.