June Dairy Month

Happy June Dairy Month!  I would’ve posted about this sooner had my family not been through the emotions of selling our herd.  But either way, I’ll be celebrating the hard-working dairy farm families across the country and giving special highlights this month.

Until the 1850’s, nearly every family had its own cow.  Today, there are less than 32,000 dairy farms nationwide, over 95% of which are family-owned and operated. These families are dedicated to providing you with nutritious and delicious dairy products every day.

Dairy farming is a huge contributor to America’s economy, especially for rural communities.  Over 2 million jobs in America are directly related to the dairy industry.  Dairy farmers have been leaders in environmental stewardship and have shrunk their carbon footprint by 20%, use 20% less land, and 31% less water per gallon of milk than just 3 years ago.  Swipe through for more fun facts. 

Dairy products provide an easy and affordable way to get essential nutrients your body needs everyday.  Nothing can compare to the natural goodness of REAL dairy.  So this month, enjoy an extra dairy product a day guilt-free knowing you’re doing your body good.