Soaking up Alone Time w/ One Kiddo

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to miss the one-on-one time I have with this kid after little sprout arrives.  I can’t wait to see him fill his new big brother role, but I know it’ll be an adjustment.  

I don’t know about you other mama’s out there, but I feel like watching these kids grow up is one of the most exciting and also heart wrenching things all at the same time.  I love seeing him grow & learn and I cannot wait to see where life takes him.  But it’s going too dang fast.  Sometimes I just want to freeze time.  

So until little sprout arrives, and as much as I can after, you’ll find me soaking up all the special time with Hank.  Doing fun stuff outside and hopefully catching some zzz’s together.  Love ya kid.