Seed Treating


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This spring we purchased our own box-to-box seed treater so we could treat our own soybeans.  Our corn seed comes to us pre-treated, but with soybeans, you have the option to buy them untreated.

We chose to get our own seed treater so we can save money doing it ourselves, customize the mix we’re putting on, be able to put the treatment on in a timely manner before planting, and know the exact rate of each product we’re using.  This machine is computer-operated and extremely accurate.  

Why do we do it? 

Seed treatment helps protect the seed in the first few weeks of growth and gives it a better opportunity to thrive.  Seed is a major input cost for us and we want to make sure we can get the most plants to come up and thrive as possible.  Throughout the years we’ve pushed to start planting soybeans earlier and earlier in the season.  Treatment really helps the vigor and growth, especially in less than ideal planting conditions. 

What are we treating with? 

  • Fungicide-Protects seedlings and roots from fungus and diseases like root rot. 
  • Insecticide- Protects against early-season insects. 
  • Inoculant-Helps the soybean roots nodulate so they can fix more nitrogen from the soil. 
  • Nematicide- Protects from soybean cyst nematodes which are the main cause of sudden death syndrome, a very yield-limiting disease in soybeans.  
  • We also use a product that helps stimulate the microbes around the soybean seed and helps with emergence and early plant vigor.