Conservation Tillage Practices


Sharing a couple of conservation practices we do on our farm #farmtok #farmfact #ilsoypartner @Illinois Soybean Association

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Strip-till and Vertical Till are two types of minimum-till soil conservation practices we do on our farm. 

Strip-till is where a 7” band of soil is tilled and fertilizer is placed in that same band where the crop will be planted.  By utilizing strip-till we’re able to reduce our fertilizer inputs substantially, without negatively impacting yield.  We’re able to improve soil water holding capacity and take advantage of the warming and drying benefits of planting on the strip in the spring.  That is key for us here in Northern, IL where we don’t have a large planting window.

Vertical tillage helps with chopping and sizing residue with minimal disruption of the soil.  We usually vertical till after harvesting corn and plant soybeans right into it.  Vertical tillage helps us manage residue buildup and create a good seedbed for the next crop.