Support U.S. Soybean Farmers!

 Roll that beautiful bean footage. Soybeans make up roughly half of the acres we farm and I’m partnering with U.S. Soy and to bring awareness to the positive benefits of U.S. grown soybeans. 

Having soybeans in our crop rotation helps to break the cycle of diseases, insects, and weeds. We’re able to diversify the chemistry we use to control pests which is better for the environment and reduces the chance for chemical resistance. 

Soybeans also allow us to minimize tillage and need less inputs overall compared to corn. Future corn crops benefit from having soybeans in the rotation by anywhere from 13-19% increased yields. 

We manage our soybean crop with in-season tissue samples to determine what nutrients to apply. We also utilize fungicides to help prevent diseases. Soybeans aren’t just a rotational crop for us, they are part of our operation and we manage to increase yields and profitability.

U.S. soybean farmers are working hard this season to provide healthy soy products and ensure shelves are stocked for families around the world. Go to to join me and show the love for U.S. farmers by taking the pledge.